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    You can add comments about the draft chapter structure and summaries here. What questions do you have about Patient Safety in Canada? What would you like to see covered in the book?

    Carrie Varga

    Hi Beth, sorry it’s taken me so long to read thru the overview. Between job, social and restaurant I am keeping very busy! The logical flow and topics outlined seem very reasonable and helpful. Not sure where the topic of patients with no primary doctor wlcould or would fall but I know it’s a key and often missing step for many. Virtual care options might be worth including as well. I know covid has changed that whole aspect too. I have lived experience I can share both positive & negative.


    Hola Amiga! No worries. As you can see, I’m not writing up a storm for November per the plan.

    I like the suggestion about patient safety and navigating without a family doctor and using virtual care with an unknown provider.

    I need to move into doing interviews with people, because that’s where the expertise is.

    Are you up for that?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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