Info Package: How To Build Your Healthcare Navigation Binder



What Is A Healthcare Navigation Binder?

A patient binder is still used in many healthcare settings, and we have modified the idea to create a healthcare navigation binder. We got the idea after Tony had his lung transplant and adapted our own hodge-podge of information into a more formal patient binder.

It goes with Tony to every appointment as it is where we keep meeting notes.

It also contains a one-page medical summary, a contact list, medication information, and sections for upcoming tests with the instructions on how to prepare for them.

Tony’s healthcare navigation binder has evolved over the last number of years as our needs have changed.

The instructions in this information package will help you build a healthcare navigation binder that suits your own needs.

Why Do You Want To Use A Healthcare Navigation Binder?

There are 2 main reasons to create and use your binder – both directly benefit you!

  1. Your healthcare navigation binder becomes your ‘go to’ place for notes, contact information and documents about results and upcoming tests and appointments. Your binder keeps everything in one place so you can grab it and go. You can easily find information you need at appointments and to prepare for appointments.
  2. A healthcare navigation binder can be used easily by others who need information. I know it’s the 21st century and you think things should be digital. Healthcare isn’t there yet.

I went out once to get groceries and came home to find a note and no Tony. He’d called an ambulance for himself and handed his binder over to EMS. I was asked in Emergency if I was a nurse. The binder provided important information – and bought us a lot of credibility. Both are important in the healthcare system.

Download this information package to get started!

The download package includes just about everything you need to get started:

  1. Instructions,
  2. Links to blank copies of the data sheets.

You just provide your own binder and tabs.


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