No Province Runs Just One Healthcare 'System'

If you're like us, you might have thought of healthcare in Canada as one system - until you landed in the middle of a critical or chronic illness diagnosis. That's when you learned that our healthcare 'system' hasn't kept pace with medical advances. Patients and families have what is being called 'new work' - and it doesn't usually come with a manual!

How Healthcare Systems in Canada Work

Healthcare in Canada isn't one system. The separate offices and systems sometimes don't communicate effectively. That puts the onus on us as patients and care partners to help ourselves by carrying our stories and relevant information among the systems. Click on the icon to learn more.

The 'New Work' of Patients and Care Partners

Advancements in medicine allow many more of us to live with a chronic condition - which often means we are managing many appointments and carrying our story and information to many more specialists. This is just part of the 'new work' expected of us. Click the icon above to read more about our 'New Work'.

Being Your Own Patient Navigator

Learning how to navigate the system and looking after your own (or your loved one's) health is a massive task. Whether you are able to engage a private patient navigator, or you're learning to navigate healthcare on your own, understanding some basics is critical. Click on the icon to learn more.

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