‘Learning the Ropes’ Course Wins An Award!

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'Learning the Ropes' wins an award

Let the bells ring out, and the banners fly!

The ‘Learning the Ropes’ online course wins an award from ‘The Caregiving Years Training Academy‘.

The other programs that will have been honoured are:

Three caring leaders have also won awards. They are:

  • Tamyra Jovel
  • Barbara Corley and Diane Glittenberg

'Learning the Ropes' wins caregiving program award

Join a ‘Caring Our Way’ Zoom call to learn more about the work of these caregivers and to honour the winners.

June 14 at 7 p.m. ET (6 p.m. CT, 4 p.m. PT).


Learn more about ‘Learning the Ropes’ and sign up: CLICK HERE

Beth Campbell Duke

Beth is a science educator and family caregiver for her husband, Tony, and her parents. She's busy developing programs and materials to help other patients and family caregivers navigate the healthcare system and tell their stories. Beth's biggest wish is to see the healthcare system incorporate 'trauma-informed care' into its workplaces to address the growing number of healthcare providers, patients and family caregivers experiencing primary and secondary trauma.